On Donald Trump

On Tuesday November 7 of this year, we the people elected Donald J. Trump as our president. Many people were greatly upset by this. And I fully understand why they would be. I have been looking forward to a life of work with government agencies managing natural resources, public land, wildlife, etc. But with Donald Trump’s stances on the environment and government spending, my future is in jeopardy.

However, in my capacity as a Global Engagement Fellow, I am supposed to focus on global affairs and repercussions. First and foremost we should consider Trump’s stance on immigration. I, as an environmentalist, have serious concerns regarding population growth and its effect on public land. However, I don’t blame the immigrants and I’m pro-anyone who wants a better, safer, etc. life. Moreover, immigrants tend to have a net-positive impact on the economy. Trump does not seem to be of the same mind. While I don’t anticipate his desire to “build the wall” is anything more than rhetoric, he could pose serious threats to immigrants coming into the country. Even if he doesn’t do so via legislation, if he damages our global image he decreases the likelihood that immigrants will desire to come here. Particularly those, like middle easterners, that may begin to feel like their safety will be threatened if they’re here.

Regarding out national image, he threatens to seriously diminish it. No country has the same global media presence as the United States. Every tweet Trump sends out has the capability to embarrass. I only hope that he does, as he claimed he would, take on a more presidential stance.

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